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Most boutique owners and small businesses in this market focus completely on growing their Facebook Group.

And I’m going to lump you in with them (for now).


But don’t worry!

I used to focus on growing my Facebook Group too.

It’s how we all started.

You hear that the big players and top sellers in your company or market are doing 6 figures by growing their Group.

And - of course - you want the same.

Don’t get me wrong - growing a Facebook Group to get online sales can work.

Or let me say…

They used to work extremely well.

But Facebook is undergoing massive change.

And because of this - Facebook Groups are not an asset that will pay you long term.

It’s getting harder and harder to convince people to join another Facebook Group.

They’re most likely already in about other 33 similar ones by now…

But why change something that has been your power horse for so long?

Well, Einstein once so eloquently put..

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

The insanity is making your sales revenue dependant on that single Facebook Group.

Business isn’t Vegas.

Facebook has already started tightening its grips on your group.

Your post reach statistically isn’t what it was even a year or two ago, which means your group members are seeing less and less of your posts.

Claras (my sister in-law) definitely made this mistake with her LuLaRoe business.

Until she realized the insanity…

And changed her game.

Instead of building a business that was completely owned by Facebook and dependent on them for every single sale...

Instead of constantly being led to pay Zuckerberg more and more just for her customers to see her posts…

Instead of searching for “hacks” to increase her post reach inside her group...

Instead of focusing on growing her group…

Instead of hoping her customers will sign up for her events and show up to her Facebook Live sales…

She does something else.

It’s something that helped her increase her online sales by 30% in her first 30 days.

Claras’ orders list in the first 30 days after implementing this system. This is the first of four pages!

It’s what allowed her to build a more stable online business that outlasts her competition’s Facebook Group businesses.

Instead of focusing on growing her group, she does things like…