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Preliminary Update Notes - Facebook Overhaul (Release Date TBD)

Preliminary Update Notes - Facebook Overhaul (Release Date TBD)

Hey Shoppers!

Today we are excited to announce some huge upcoming changes to Shoppe. These updates are aimed at providing a more seamless selling experience through Facebook.

We've completely redesigned our connection with Facebook with the following three goals in mind:

  1. To help you be a more consistent at posting.

  2. To help you be more efficient with the content you post to maximize growth.

  3. To help you be a more stress free human being.

The release date for this update will be announced in the future. If you want to try this now, please go to https://beta.shoppewith.me.

To get release notifications, click here.

So lets discuss how we help you do that through Shoppe...

Your New Content Calendar, Post Planning, & Accountability

Shoppe now shows you a complete overview of your marketing content in one place. This is designed to be a super easy way to check up on how you're doing and quickly know exactly what needs to be done.

The all new content calendar that connects to your social accounts.

The all new content calendar that connects to your social accounts.

This overview includes your popup sales, album sales, live sales, and social media posts. You can even see performance metrics about how your content is performing, your engagement rate for your groups & pages, and much more.

The content calendar is an all-in-one overview of your sales, posts, & content on Facebook. With the content calendar you can plan your content out ahead of time and also see where you might have gaps in marketing content.

Action Plans for your Content

"Idk what to post!?"

"When should I be posting?"

"I feel like no one looks at my posts."

One of the biggest struggle areas that we continually hear from many of you is that it's really hard to remain consistent with your content, and more specifically, you just simply don't know what to post. As a result, much content is created and posting on a whim at the last minute and the results are a fraction of what your potential is.

Shoppe has set out to attack those two problems, and one way we're doing is to give you structure in the form of a content plan. This is a schedule of types of content that you can post each week, curated by the community. Yes, that means that you all will be able to share your plans with each other from within Shoppe.

The new content plan & schedule system that helps you keep consistent.

The new content plan & schedule system that helps you keep consistent.

We've gone ahead and included two example plans that you can use immediately which are:

  1. Pillar Content Plan

  2. Topic Based Content Plan

Template 1: Pillar Content Plan

This a content plan where every week you pull micro pieces of content from one long piece of content you create each week. For example, you might write a blog post at the beginning of the week, then pull snippets of that content throughout the week. This is a great way to only have to do the bulk of the work one time!

Template 2: Topic Based Content Plan

This is a content plan where each day has a certain topic for your content. An example would be Mondays are for inspo posts, Tuesdays are sales posts, Wednesdays are games posts, etc. This is a great way to already have the "what" part of creating content figured out ahead of time so that you only have to focus on the "how".

So we just shared how we figured out the "what to post" problem, let's talk about how we take care of the scheduling for you.

Post Scheduling: Facebook Posts, Albums, & Photos

Shoppe has a built in social media scheduler now that makes it incredibly easy to post your products automatically to anywhere on Facebook, schedule regular engagement posts, and even run giveaways!

This scheduling system works with the content plan you've set to provide you with notifications about upcoming dates that still need some content scheduled, and also allows you to schedule your content as far in the future as you'd like.

Accountability: Weekly, Daily & Periodic Reminders

I know, I know... Accountability can be a big snooze fest. But we all need it, especially when it comes to marketing.

The old saying goes, "the consistent marketer is the rich marketer."

That's why we've hooked up Facebook Messenger to your content plan!

Shoppe will (optionally) send you daily and weekly alerts to get your content and sales scheduled ahead of time, so you can have one less thing to worry about.

Shoppe will send you reminders to Facebook Messenger to post content according to the schedule you’ve set.

Shoppe will send you reminders to Facebook Messenger to post content according to the schedule you’ve set.

Coupled with our content plan templates, this is a powerful tool that will give you hyper growth content recommendations when you need them in order for your business to efficiently market at all times!

We've talked about how we make it easy to implement a powerful plan of action for your content, and how we can help with the creation of your content, so lets talk about how we connect seamlessly with Facebook and work in the background to compliment what you're doing.

"Click & Forget" Group & Page Management

One of our core principles at Shoppe is to be as easy as possible to get the job done. And with many of the social selling tools out there, this is not the case. That's why we wanted to give you a system that was "click and forget" for social selling through social media.

As a result, you can click one button to connect your Facebook groups and pages, then walk away while Shoppe works in the background. When you post on Facebook, Shoppe will update in the background and track comments, metrics, and periodically notify you of important information.

Connect your groups & pages & let Shoppe do the rest in the background.

Connect your groups & pages & let Shoppe do the rest in the background.

Over time this system will help you be more consistent as a marketer, more efficient as a seller, and more stress free as a busy business person!

And ultimately those three things are very important outcomes that we try to build into Shoppe every day!

Comment Tracking Where Ever You Sell

That's right, we've added sold comment tracking everywhere. Whether you sell through wall drops, posts, photos, albums, or live videos... Shoppe will track it, allow you to create orders, and help you follow up with your customers.

The best part is that you don't have to schedule posts through Shoppe for our comment tracking to work!

Shoppe has been rebuilt from the ground up to connect to your groups and pages and just work in the background.

Giveaway & Interactive Games Management

Many of you have crazy good giveaways and interactive games that we love! But coming up with ideas and media, along with managing these can be a pain that could be better left to some automation to manage... Which is what Shoppe can do for you now!

At present, Shoppe can schedule your giveaways and help you pick the winners, but we're working on a full media marketplace that will allow you to use photos and videos from other creators in your giveaways!

Alright, now for the big reveal...

With Shoppe you can now set your plan of action, create your content, and track comments all-in-one tool. But let's talk about uploading products.

Many of you already have another website that holds your inventory, and the only reason you upload products to Shoppe is to use our album or popup sales feature. It pretty much defeats the purpose for our inventory management system doesn't it?

That's why we've gone ahead and created a way for you to connect to your website and copy over the products from there. Automatically, all the time.

We call it:

Shoppe Sync

You can now sync Shoppe's inventory to your inventory on your own websites, and keep it in sync. Shoppe will periodically check back on your website to keep things in sync.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.23.02 AM.png

Shoppe Sync

Keep products from your replicated sites in sync with Shoppe; quickly schedule posts & sell your products through Facebook!

So if you've been caught uploading inventory to both Shoppe and your other website, you don't have to anymore!

And you won't have to upload any products to Shoppe anymore because Shoppe will work in the background to detect changes on your website, and sync them.

At launch we will support your LuLaRoe, DotDotSmile, Paparazzi, & ColorStreet replicated websites. We plan to continually add more support in the future for Piphany, Agnes & Dora, Shopify & more! Let us know if you have a website provider that’s not on our radar!

And this combined with everything else means that now Shoppe can automatically help you run your business with very little input. As you add new products to your website, Shoppe will detect that and suggest that you create posts based on your content schedule, then schedule them, and create orders too!

Within Shoppe you can automate your entire social selling business, from product upload, to sales through social media. We automate your marketing and sales, so you can focus on building relationships!

Connect your website, set your plan, schedule your posts, track sold comments, run giveaways, and increase performance…

now from Shoppe.


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