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Webinar Series: Growth Marketing

Webinar Series: Growth Marketing

It’s with great excitement that we announce our upcoming Shoppe webinar series! This series, and all those set to take place thereafter, are created with boutique owners and direct sellers in mind…

We’re creating highly valuable and actionable content that you, as part of our beloved community, will actually be able to use for your business. Our first topic, will focus on growth marketing and how you can get more customers without having to hire an expensive marketing agency.

Each month we’ll be addressing a new topic, in multiple formats.

Topics will include:

How to retain more customers

How to set-up marketing campaigns for success

Inbound vs. Outbound marketing

Email marketing

Landing page design

Selling on Amazon

How to leverage Google Ads

and much more.

These are just some of the suggestions we’ve gotten from community members. And while this content certainly sounds enticing, you may still be left with an important question…

“How will this help my business?”

This is perhaps what we’re most excited about. When we were creating our content outline, we knew we had to have a goal. One, common objective owed to our community. After great debate, and some thought, we realized that the majority of our users and relevant audience have very similar goals to that of our own.

Namely, how to best serve their community and reach more customers.

Thus, we arrived at the conclusion that our main focus ought not to be only in providing answers, but also actionable steps that viewers can take in order to bring them closer to reaching their goals.

It’s also why we’ve created our funnels feature within Marketeer, and remains one of our core values at Shoppe.

That is to empower business owners to invest in themselves and their business in order to reach their goals.

As a thank you for tuning in, we will also provide viewers with lifetime access to our master content deck, which contains information surrounding the topic along with all of the relevant solutions in their entirety. Consider it our own twist on a two-for-one deal.

In addition to regular webinars, we will also be hosting weekly live videos via Facebook and Instagram where we’ll do condensed deep dives into focus topics identified by our community.

Some of these exciting topics include:

How to create a Facebook group

How to increase Instagram followers

How to create a landing page form

Ad copy for success

E-Commerce Funnels

Growth Marketing Q&A’s

And you guessed it, much more.

We couldn’t be more excited about our new webinar series, and genuinely hope it brings value to our community.

Our first live session will be taking place this Friday, February 22nd at 2:00 pm CST on the Shoppe Instagram.

In preview of our scheduled deep-dive webinar later this month, we’ll be discussing ways in which you can truly begin to harness and better leverage the power of Instagram in order to reach more customers. We’ve worked with hundreds of boutiques and have witnessed a great deal of them struggling to connect and engage with their audience on Instagram. Luckily, there is a solution to all of the floundering about. There are immediate actions you can take to start growing your following while also increasing your engagement from (this part’s important) relevant audience members. In fact, it truly comes down to 3 simple concepts:

  1. Linking

  2. Facebook Groups

  3. CTA’s

Tune in Friday to learn more…

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