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How to Start Your Small Business Marketing Strategy for Under $100

How to Start Your Small Business Marketing Strategy for Under $100

We know, because we’ve been there....

“I need a digital marketing strategy for my business, but agencies are expensive and I can’t bring in a full-time hire right now…”

Sound familiar? If you’re an entrepreneur, and are feeling stuck trying to find small business marketing strategies that’ll work within your budget, you’re far from alone. Hence why a large portion of smb’s choose to handle their own marketing efforts, namely, to save dollars. Cost-efficient as it might be, it’s often ineffective in terms of reaching your customers and finding new ones, which is the whole point.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if you could avoid high management fees from agencies and learn how to implement low-cost marketing strategies that actually work?

I’m glad you asked! Getting started on your marketing strategy doesn’t need to be complicated, or expensive. Below you’ll find 3 low-cost, entry-level marketing strategies you can implement today.

1. Google My Business Listings

What is it: Google my business is a search engine directory listing that features details about your business such as: services, hours, contact info, website and reviews.


How it works: By claiming your free listing on Google, you’re able to create a business profile. Think of your profile as an online business card, it allows people searching for your business to find relevant information quickly, thus increasing your chances of securing them as a customer whether online, or in store.  

2. Email Marketing

What it is: Email marketing is just as it sounds! Creating engaging email campaigns to be sent to your customers or target audience is a low-cost and efficient method of showcasing content relevant to your business.

How it works: The easiest way to set up an email campaign is through an appropriate platform, such as Marketeer. Simply create an account, add contacts and begin creating your first campaign to be sent to your list.

3. Content Marketing

What it is: Content, content and you guessed it….more content. Perhaps you’ve heard of content marketing, in which case, great. For those who haven’t, one need not look too far to find it, in fact, you’re reading content right now!

Content marketing simply refers to the act of distributing highly relevant pieces of information through various channels and mediums to your customers or desired audience. Popular content can include; blogs, articles, instructional videos, webinars and infographics.

“But isn’t all marketing, content marketing...?”

The short answer…. Absolutely. However, there is one key factor that separates content, especially content that converts (or info that sells) from generic information, and that is originality.

content ex.JPG

Unoriginal content is wildly ineffective for the simple reason that not many people want to read the same material 100x different times from 100 different sources.

Content Suggestions: Write articles, record webinars or film a how-to video showcasing your product or service.

By regularly sharing original content with your audience you’ll be able to connect with them on a personal level, all while showcasing the unique value offered only by your business.

As the saying goes, “be original.”

The Platform to Get It Done...

Marketeer by Shoppe. Your Favorite Marketing Tools in One Budget Friendly Platform

At Shoppe, our customers have provided valuable feedback on marketing tools they require to run their business. Tools and features that can become quite costly when one must utilize 3 different platforms for individual tasks.

So what’d we do?

We built a product that brings all of the essential features needed to learn about, create and manage small business marketing strategies into one easy-to-use and low-cost platform.

We call it Marketeer. Features include;

marketeer_screenshot (1).png
  1. Unlimited email campaigns

  2. Landing page development

  3. Sms campaigns

  4. Marketing automation

  5. Live chat & email support

  6. Weekly training & how-to’s

At only $50 a month including 14 days free, Marketeer is your premier marketing platform for small businesses, at half the price.

Not sure if Marketeer is right for your business? Book a free consultation with our team and we’ll work with you to determine what tools can help you connect with your customers.

Need More Traffic and Online Sales? Start with Our Free Marketing Assessment.

Need More Traffic and Online Sales? Start with Our Free Marketing Assessment.

The First All-in-one Tool for Direct Sales Retailers

The First All-in-one Tool for Direct Sales Retailers