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5 top ways to get new customers for your LuLaRoe Business in 2018

5 top ways to get new customers for your LuLaRoe Business in 2018


1. Create a new lead generation offer

This is by far the easiest way to funnel to get customers through. All you have to do is setup a giveaway landing page where "2 lucky ladies will win a $100 shopping spree" and all the customer has to do is give you their email. The funnel is very simple... You need a giveaway landing page and then an Ad pointing to the landing page.

With this funnel you basically are just buying signups to your email list because your offer is so good. And the best part is that you aren't really giving away $200... You are really only giving away the cost of your products, not the full retail value. So if your margin is 50% on each item, a $200 giveaway only costs you $100!

In fact, this way of generating leads is so awesome in our opinion that we've built a tool that generates these landing pages for you. It's called Marketeer, here's a demo:

How to create a viral giveaway using Marketeer by Shoppe (https://marketeer.shoppewith.me)

2. Create a free online tool or resource

As I'm sure you're aware... Your customers love when you show them how you can wear the products you are selling. Showing them all the different ways to wear that dress and kimono only reinforce the value they receive when buying your products.

Taking this information and wrapping it up into a free product is a great way to capitalize on this information in order to use it to generate leads. It's just another way to create value and exchange it for your customer's email or phone number in order to email or text them later with your products.

Our suggestion is to create a PDF style guide or short style videos that visually show people great ways to combine your products. Once you've made these resources, you can put them on a landing page using a landing page tool like Marketeer and ask them to input their email and "receive this FREE style guide".

Here's an example of what we mean:

An example of a free download lead magnet created using Marketeer by Shoppe (https://marketeer.shoppewith.me)

3. Promote a contest

The funniest meme in the comments gets a $100 shopping spree.

This is one is pretty simple once the funnel has been laid out in front of you and understood. Remember, the goal is to get customers to join one of your lists (think email or text lists), so you need to do some not-so-apparent funnel building to take a comment from a customer and turn it into either an email or phone number.

Here's what one variation of the funnel looks like that will collect their email:

Contest post on social media asking them to comment → Ad on social media targeting your customer demographic → Facebook Messenger bot that sends them a message when the comment asking them to finalize their entrance into the contest → Landing page that collects their email as confirmation of their entrance.

[Video tutorial coming soon]

4. Give bonus savings to current customers for referrals

"Share this offer with your friends and earn rewards like LuLaCash!"

This one is really simple! All you have to do is offer rewards to your current customers for their referral.

So go to your customers and say "I will give you x amount of LuLaCash for each person that comes and shops with me." This will both drive that customer back to you to shop and also gets new customers (who have been social proofed) to come shop with you.

5. Run promotions on another website or blog

Instead of running ads through Facebook or Google, which might be flooded with ads from your competitors, you can try reaching out to popular blogs whose readers might be similar to your customer personas.

Setup for this one involves really just doing proper research. Open up Google and look for blogs, top pins on Pinterest, and other websites who have visitors that would make great customers of yours. Additionally, you can promote yourself in Facebook groups that are similar to those blogs as well.

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