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Machine Learning.

It's what allows Facebook's algorithm to constantly adapt.

It might be why you're seeing lower engagement and sales in your Facebook Group.

A year or so ago, you could post just about anything in your Facebook group and it would be delivered directly to member's News Feeds.

Our little direct sales business was making over $10,000 in sales per month simply by posting our inventory as "popups" in our group and interacting with customers there. It seemed like an effective formula at the time - mostly because Facebook was showing our album posts to our customers.

Then We Realized Things Change Quickly on Social Media

Machine learning allows computer programs to learn and adapt without being explicitly programmed by a human, and Facebook has harnessed its power to create an eerily relevant experience for its users. By "eerily," I mean that Facebook knows who you are, where you work, the sites you visit, and what you like to do when you aren't working. Figuring this stuff out has helped them create an ultra-relevant and entertaining experience that keeps users coming back.

The second you check your News Feed, Facebook is taking inventory on each post that could potentially be shown to you. They analyze all of the stories being posted by friends and family as well as the pages and groups you follow.

What's the likelihood that you will read and engage with the post? Facebook looks at over 100,000 data points to make this prediction before showing you the story.

The data is then aggregated into a single relevance score. Stories with the highest score are shown at the top of the News Feed and vice versa. Stories with the lowest score are shuffled to the bottom of the deck and risk not being shown to anyone.

If you own a Facebook Page or Group which targets your prospects and customers, achieving a high relevance score on each post is essential for driving positive business results.

It might seem like a silly game, but with over 1.4 billion daily users on Facebook, there's more noise than ever before. Facebook has the incredibly difficult task of sorting through all of the noise to show stories that its users want to read.

If you're trying to reach customers on the platform without "paying to play" via Facebook Ads, you probably know that it's difficult and might feel like you're swimming upstream when that image post of your product doesn't get the engagement it might have a year ago.

Reaching your customers organically is still possible, but you must be more informed than ever before when making posts.

The 2 most effective types of posts we have used to drive bottom-line results in our Facebook business are:

  1. Facebook Live
  2. Giveaways

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the single best way to reach the top of your customer's News Feeds and keep them coming back to your group due to how the Facebook algorithm is currently geared.

In our own direct sales group, we use "live sales" to reach our customers on their news feeds and see over 10 times the engagement (likes, comments, etc.) from these posts versus native Facebook videos (pre-recorded videos). We use Facebook Live to sell niche clothing, but any business can harness this powerful tool. Chances are high that there are behind the scenes activities occurring in your business that your customers would enjoy watching. We've had success by simply unboxing new inventory while broadcasting live in the group.

The great thing about Facebook Live is that, not only do they consistently receive the highest reach and engagement from your audience, but they also can be posted and shared to all of your marketing channels. For example, on our business page, we'll go Live, then click the share button and share the broadcast to our group. So, instead of limiting the potential reach of the broadcast to our page "Likers," suddenly our entire VIP group gets to watch it live as well. The exact steps for doing this are listed in our free online course which you can check out by clicking here.

In addition, you can download the live broadcast to your hard drive, then upload the broadcast as a video on your blog, Youtube, or your favorite social media outlet.


If you’re interested in the single fastest way for growing a following on Facebook (or any social media), this is it, but it’s easy to talk yourself out of this one, I know.

I want loyal customers, not people that only want to win a freebie.

My biggest objection to offering a free giveaway was that it would attract a certain audience that is only interested in free stuff.

What we actually found from running giveaways was that many of the participants actually stuck around in our group and turned into customers.

Giveaways are great for one reason in particular - engagement. People lovefree stuff and are in turn more likely to Like, react, comment, and share posts related to giveaways. Heck, they might even know a friend that needs the exact thing you are offering for free and share your post!



This post on our page reached over 100k people and received about 3200 engagements after boosting the post.

Things to avoid when posting to your Page or Group:

  1. Posting the same link in a short amount of time.
  2. Uploading multiple product images at once (as posts)

Posting the same link to an outside website can get you into trouble since Facebook associates this behavior with spam and clickbait. In our business, we try to limit posts which include links to a blog or website to once every few minutes. This rule of thumb also includes posting multiple times in comments as well.

Uploading multiple photos of your inventory in a short amount of time is a surefire way to getting a low relevance score on your posts. One important thing to realize is that Facebook is a for-profit business and its largest revenue-driver is from Facebook Ads. Limiting post reach has helped Facebook increase their revenue from ads because more and more businesses are paying to reach their Page "likers." With the current way the algorithm is set up - If you're using a Facebook Group to post tens or even hundreds of inventory photos, you can' expect Facebook to show them to your customers one-by-one as they had in the past. Traditional "album sales" are not working as well as a result of the algorithm changes.


With all of Facebook's algorithm changes, reaching customers on Facebook Pages and Groups isn't as easy at it used to be for retailers and network marketers. However, there are some tools you can leverage such as Facebook Live and giveaways to reach your customers and get more sales. Facebook Live sales are a great way to let your customers know when you are running sales and you can also paste a Shoppe link in the post description or comments to ensure maximum customer reach and more popup views. Using this technique as well as going live on our page and sharing it to our group, we were able to double our engagement.